NOKK is perfectly suited to owers wanting to dip their toe in the market with a low level of commitment, you may not be ready to sell however you become discoverable on NOKK. If you are not on NOKK you may miss that one Buyer that’s willing to pay to secure your property. Think of it like LinkedIn - you might not be looking for a job, but if you’re on LinkedIn you’re discoverable and people can approach you. NOKK is similar to this however is anonymous which puts the power in the Owner’s hands.
You can load a Buyer profile and use NOKK to help you find that new property. NOKK can also introduce you to Buyer service providers that can help you confirm and refine your search criteria and locate the property that matches. This may be a lighter touch buyer’s agent service or a full service buyer’s agent offering. This can all occur while your anonymously posted home is discoverable and you are able to field interest from Buyers.
NOKK is a startup business and we are adding more properties everyday so please be patient as we load more properties which may fit your criteria. You will be notified of matches via NOKK messenger and your email. You can also create an additional search or buyer profile with adjusted search criteria or you can get assistance from a NOKK Buyer professional. Please contact us if you would like further information on 1800 13NOKK(6655) or hello@nokk.com.au.
There is no fee to join NOKK and access properties and services. NOKK charges a $99 property posting fee which makes your property posting valid for 12 months.
The basic NOKK processes for both the Owner and Buyer are outlined on the How NOKK works page of our website. For further information it is best to call NOKK directly on 1800 13NOKK(6655) or send us a NOKK CHAT message (located at the bottom right of each webpage) or email us directly at hello@nokk.com.au. One our friendly consultants will contact you to provide further information.
NOKK makes your real estate experience easier and more enjoyable. NOKK takes the stress out of the process by removing the time pressure and providing easy access to service providers that have been vetted by NOKK.

NOKK is a digital platform that empowers Owners to become discoverable in a light touch, commitment free way ( at times with the help of an agent) at their ideal price; and empower Buyers to load a profile and match to these owners. This will open the door to a greater supply of homes and lead to meaningful conversations about real estate transactions.

Owners gain access to the market and become discoverable albeit anonymously (without showing contact details or address until they choose to connect).

Owners take control of their real estate journey, controlling the price, the timing and the services they engage, we encourage owners to use NOKK preferred agents to help them through the process.

Buyers are able to refine their search(s) and let NOKK’s algorithm do the work to find properties that match what they are seeking.

Buyers gain visibility to more properties and see the depth in the market rather than just the properties currently running a campaign.

As more Owners and Buyers join NOKK, we will facilitate greater market transparency and efficiency which will benefit all consumers in the market.

Through facilitating connections and communication in a trusted environment NOKK will deliver better real estate experiences for consumers.
NOKK collaborates with agents to make sure that our buyers and sellers have a better real estate experience. For example: as an owner you may post your home on NOKK however if you tag yourself to a NOKK local agent you can then benefit from getting localised insights to help you in the process, only when and if the services of agents are required would you then be paying agent type commissions.
"Owners of tenanted properties (short term, long term, Airbnb) are posting their properties on NOKK.
No, interest in your property will not become stale because whilst your property is discoverable it is anonymous. The address and contact details are not disclosed unless you as the Owner accept a connection. Additionally when Owners decide they are interested in getting more exposure for their property as their willingness to sell has increased, then Owners will typically adjust home profile details and as a result your home may be captured and matched to additional Buyer profiles.
NOKK is not an agent or a valuer, however NOKK can refer you to vetted providers that provide free price guides based on a number of metrics including comparable sales, the area’s median price and market expectations. Please contact NOKK if you need further guidance. 1800 13NOKK(6655) or hello@nokk.com.au.
NOKK’s founders and investors are some of Australia’s most seasoned and experienced business people. NOKK is a high quality property platform that works with integrity with all of its clients. Owners on NOKK are in control in terms of when they may sell, and potential Buyers have access to properties that genuinely interest them.
NOKK provides flexibility in that you can set the timelines. If you have a low willingness to sell and set a high ideal price then it may be years before you attract serious buyer interest. However if you are interested to sell in the short term you will set your ideal price closer to market value and obtain Buyer attention. If you want to sell right now, NOKK can assist you and connect you to service providers vetted by NOKK. It is best to call a NOKK consultant on 1800 13NOKK(6655) to initiate this process.
NOKK will connect you with mortgage providers that are vetted by NOKK. These providers will assist you to find the most appropriate mortgage product. NOKK customers may seek assistance or provide feedback on the mortgage provider to NOKK by either calling on 13NOKK(6655) or emailing NOKK at hello@nokk.com.au.
No problem. Many postings on NOKK are from Owners not actively looking to sell. NOKK enables owners like you to dip their toe in the market with no commitment. If a Buyer comes along by chance offering your dream price, then at least you can have a conversation with them.
That’s fine, in fact you won’t be approached. The way our platform works is that you will be sent a notification from NOKK if you have a person potentially interested in your property. Only once you accept this invitation will that person be able to have a conversation with you. You are in complete control. You can also select that a Trusted Advisor or a Traditional Agent contact the interested Buyer for you, this is very common on the NOKK platform.
NOKK can connect you with vetted service providers that will assist you in your negotiations. Please call 13NOKK(6655) or email NOKK at hello@nokk.com.au for further information.
Yes, you can join NOKK at anytime and post your property or load your buyer profile. NOKK is not an agent so you are not breaching your exclusive authority and you will simply get more exposure for your property whether before, during or after an exclusive period. However, please note that if you are under an exclusive authority and you connect with someone using NOKK you will not be able to engage a Trusted Advisor or an Agent to assist with your transaction whilst you are in the exclusive period. Please also note that in the event your Agent has introduced you to a particular Buyer before or during their exclusive period, selling to that Buyer may still incur commission from that Agent even after the exclusive period ends.
You get to choose if you would like to run the inspection or viewing yourself by selecting the Self-Serve option or have a service provider do it for you by selecting either the Trusted Advisor or the Traditional Agent. Most Owners on the platform like to be tagged to an agent to help in the process.
This is up to you, however we recommend it in order to showcase your home in the best possible way. The agents NOKK work with typically offer some very attractive photo packages.
Yes, like other online property sites, you need to submit your photos for our approval. Typically any home that comes through with photos that are clean and represent the state of the property clearly without obstruction will be approved. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further information regarding submission of photos.
Many properties on NOKK are in the process of being renovated. All you need is 1-2 pictures of your property. You can still field enquiries so that once your renovation is complete you can show these prospects through your home - this way you never miss a potential top offer!
As an Owner you have total control. You screen all Buyers and only talk to the ones you see as a good fit for your property, most buyers choose to tag themselves to agents to help in this process.
You approach Owners by NOKKing their property. Assuming the Owner accepts your NOKK, then both parties can engage in a meaningful discussion about the property.
Great! Call us on 1800 13NOKK(6655) to get your profile loaded and working.
Yes, as the Owner you can login and update your home profile anywhere, anytime. Similarly, Buyers can change their search terms/Buyer profile anytime. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further information regarding uploading data.
Where is NOKK located and what areas are you servicing?We’re based in Albert Park, Melbourne. NOKK services home owners and buyers in all of Australia.